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To Report an Absence

Email: Karlie Heiser

or call (925) 686-4749

Please include student's name, dates of absence and reason for absence.  

All absences must be reported to the school within 3 days or they will be considered unexcused, no matter the reason for the absence.

  1. Illness or injury of the student.

  2. Attendance at a doctor, optometry or chiropractic appointment for the student

  3. Attendance at the funeral of an immediate family member

  4. A quarantine imposed by city or state health officials

  5. Court appearance

  6. Observance of a religious holiday or ceremony

  1. Traveling out of town

  2. Vacation

  3. No transportation or lack of a vehicle

  4. Any absence not cleared within 72 hours

  5. Exclusion from school because of lack of immunizations or a physical

  6. Appointments for parents/siblings

student attendance review board (sarb)

Regular attendance is vital for successful learning. According to state law, students are considered truant when they have 3 or more unexcused absences and/or 3 tardies of 30 minutes or more without a valid excuse. A letter will be sent to parents of students who are considered truant. In addition, a copy of the letter will be filed in the student's CUM. Students who are habitually truant may be referred to SARB.


What is SARB?